Earth Friendly Lodging

Why it Matters

When we go on vacation, we want to leave our troubles and cares behind. So why worry about sustainability when we go on vacation?

Because Mother Earth never takes a holiday. The environmental consequences of our daily actions are not on hold when we take some time off.

When we care about the environment, when care about future generations, we do the small things: we change light bulbs and turn down the thermostat, we recycle, reuse and re purpose; we avoid polluting. But it only begins there. Trading with environment-minded business; buying with an eye for sustainability; and, yes, choosing Earth-friendly facilities when we travel.

If we are to succeed in saving the biosphere, we have to change the way we do things. It may seem futile at times: one little correction here another there. But they add up. Probably the most important contribution any one of us can make is the example we set. (Remember when smoking was the accepted norm?) There is, after all, much we can do to protect the biosphere, if we choose.

We have many choices in life. We have only one Mother, one Earth.

Mother Earth has nurtured an endless stream of species. Their days were all numbered; but we may be the first species to have a conscious impact on that number.

earth's oceans When your kids take theirs on vacation, will there be
  • whales to watch?
  • fish to catch?
  • fish fit to eat?
  • air fit to breath?
  • water fit to swim in?


Learning Op

The causes and consequences of man-made climate change are complex. For those courageous enough to examine inconvenient truth, for the beginner in understanding, the EPA has produced:

Track It

"Global warming is mainly the result of CO2 levels rising in the Earths atmosphere. Both atmospheric CO2 and climate change are accelerating. Climate scientists say we have years, not decades, to stabilize CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

"To help the world succeed, makes it easy to see the most current CO2 level and what it means. So, use this site and keep an eye on CO2. Invite others to do the same. Then we can do more to send CO2 in the right direction."

Making the Most of Your Vacation

Why Newport, Oregon is a great place to vacation for those who care about the environment.

Let us count the ways!

First of all, Newport is central to many environmentally supportive and educational facilities. From downtown Newport, you can reach them all in minutes.

Walking Neighborhoods where you can enjoy car-less adventures:

  • Nye Beach district is on the ocean front. In addition to beach access, the neighborhood offers boutiques, gift stores, galleries, superb dining and night life. Newport's Performing Art Center and Visual Arts Center host numerous events. All of these within easy walking distance.
  • Newport's historic bay front has many shops, tourist attractions, and restaurants melded with the atmosphere of fishing boats.

Inn at Nye Beach (formerly the Greenstone Inn)

Newport was proud to be the home of the first motel designed for sustainability on the Oregon coast.

When you seek lodging with environmental credentials, there is none to compare with the Greenstone Inn, newly opened in May, 2010. From the slope of its roof (inclined to maximize solar power generation), to the recycled steel in its beams, to its plumbing, a falling-film heat exchange system that recaptures heat from waste water to preheat fresh cold water, this inn was designed to conserve and preserve Mother Earth's precious resources and minimize carbon impact.

Recycled and sustainable materials were used where ever possible for both construction and decor.

Locally owned and operated, the Greenstone Inn brought to reality a dream that began with the tear down of the old Viking's cottages, a process that called for salvaging reusable materials and recycling everything else.

Keycard docking to save energy in empty-rooms and other technologies that have become standard overseas were implemented here for the first time on the Oregon coast. The owners hope to become a model for future developers and to be an inspiration to their guests to emulate their bold conservation efforts.

Soaps and cleaning products are biodegradable. Every care has been taken to make your vacation Earth friendly.

For a more complete description of Greenstone Inn's greenness, visit How Green?

Greenstone Inn was:

Fix it?

Scientists consider 350 parts per million atmospheric CO2 the safe maximum for human life. We're well past that. What do we do Now?

Oregon Environmental Council: Living Green

Geos Institute: Actions to Prepare for Extreme Weather

Measuring Electric Power Generation and Atmospheric Carbon Reduction through the Use of Solar Energy

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